Scrum was designed for hyper-performing teams that operate at 5-10 times the velocity and quality of waterfall teams. It is linearly scalable across geographies to any size. Yet the majority of Scrum teams never achieve this intended goal.

High performance depends on the self-organizing capability of teams. Understanding how this works and how to avoid destroying self-organization is a challenge.

The Secret Sauce from complex adaptive systems provides some guidelines:– Bootstrapping – Choice uncertainty principle– Punctuated equilibrium

A technique to help teams achieve hyper-productivity (defined as >240% of current team velocity) in just a few weeks: Bootstrapping,  also known as Shock Therapy.

Shock therapy is a form of patterning similar to martial arts training. When you walk onto the mat in a dojo, the Sensei owns the mat and you do exactly what he does, over and over again, until it is part of muscle memory. Only when you have demonstrated mastery of the basic practices (and their principles) are you allowed to improvise.